Nivetha Service  
Base Compensation
Nivetha (NSSC) Resource Group offers compensation programs tailored to meet your company's needs at any time in its business growth. These programs have been designed to help you attract, retain and motivate the talent you need to be competitive today and in the future.
Salary Survey Data Input and Analysis up-to-date, competitive information about what your industry's market place looks like in terms of salary levels, benefits and stock offerings is the reason you may have joined a salary survey. To participate in the survey, you are required to enter your company's salary data annually and you may not have the internal resources to complete this important work in a consistent and timely way, Nivetha trained staff can help you.
Human Resources Training for new HR professionals and program administrator training for non-HR trained individuals helps ensure the effectiveness of your human resource program and benefits your business derives as a result. Being comfortable with the fundamentals of HR, where to turn for resources and how to remain current as the laws and regulations change that affect your company, are the outcomes of this series of customised sessions. When on-going support is needed at any level within either of these responsibilities after training, Nivetha (NSSC)Consulting can help.